Joomla Private Messages delivery Configuration.

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Joomla Private Messages delivery Configuration. was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Joomla Messenger option allows you to deliver submissions of forms to a specific Joomla user, usually the system administrator, through the Joomla Private Message subsystem.
It's a good way to store form submissions into database, just in case you lose the email, and it allows the system administrator to occasionally monitor activity without receiving any notification e-mail at all.


Select the recipient of such Private Messages, using the "Select User" button.

If you want to stop Private Messages delivery, simply unset the recipient user: "Select User" button, and then "No User" button.

Messages browsing

Subsequent form submissions can be viewed by the recipient user. Once he is logged into Joomla backend (Administration side), he should see an icon placed on the top-right corner (top-left in RTL languages), that leads to incoming messages in Private Messages Manager.

Reply button

When reading form submissions stored into the Joomla Private Messages system, do not use the "Reply" button to answer, because you can't reach your submitter using the Private Messaging system.

Database specifications
Submission are stored into the current Joomla database in the table #__messages.

You probably need to increase the automatic deletion time-out for the user who receives the messages in Joomla Private Messenger > "My Options".
The default is to automatically delete incoming messages after 7 days. You can set a huge number, such as 36500 days, corresponding to about 100 years, but it has been confirmed that a value of 0 prevents purging at all.


Requires Fox Contact version 2.0.12 or newer.

Activated or not, it doesn't affect normal email delivery process.

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