Add username in userinfo

19 Feb 2018 17:12 #1 by Guy Fonck
Add username in userinfo was created by Guy Fonck
I'm unsure how best to phrase what I need, here goes my best attempt:

Use case:
I can add the {user} tag in admin emails to show the logged-in user and it works as expected
However now i want to automate request processing from the database, and I need to know which user sent the request.

Expected result:
I would assume the information to be added to the "user_info" array in the database if the user is logged in.

Actual result:
It seems there is no way of adding this information to the database.

Is there any hope for this feature to be added short-term? It would significantly facilitate automated processing of incoming requests. I don't see any non-intrusive method for adding custom tags either that would not be destroyed on the next update.

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