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04 Feb 2018 20:05 #11 by Peter Budraitis
Replied by Peter Budraitis on topic Email Span Suggestions

I'm sorry for your temporary personal problems. We all know how difficult that can be. I hope you have been able to resolve them.

1) I am a paying customer and is less than a year since I purchased your most recent update to bring my forms to version 3.8. As a paying customer, I don't know what you consider a reasonable response time for what you refer to as "a preferential support channel"

2) My purchase email, Dated February 7, 2017 makes no mention of replying to that email as a means of contacting support.

3) On the contact page where you mention posting in that form for support, it clearly says to submit the question on a forum. You mention opening a ticket. Posting on a community forum is far from what I would consider opening a support ticket. You should look into what a support ticket system actually is.

4) While you suggest completing the contact form on your site, I did make a submission to the contact form and disregarded the message "If you are looking for technical support, please open a support ticket instead." I received an auto-reply from your contact us form. The text of which says "We have received your request and one of our engineers will be in touch with you shortly to help you with your request." This implies there is more than one engineer. Apparently, as you have apologized for being out for personal reasons, and that's why there was no response, I could only be led to believe you are not only one of the engineers you speak of, but, in reality, you seem to be the ONLY engineer. Therefore, it would seem, if you are away there is no support.

Other than your post in this forum, I still have not had the request I submitted a form for answered since it was sent Jan. 30th.

Regarding your suggestions for a solution:

I'm glad to hear that a vulnerability and perhaps even a security risk has been moved to the "Feature Request" This is not a request for a feature by any means. I am, however, glad to hear you are working on it. Since my subscription is expiring in a few days, and I have to give consideration to re-subscribing based on this experience, I guess I will likely not be eligible for a new version correcting this serious flaw unless I pay more money.

The emails are mostly, but not exclusively from a .ru extension. Many are from a .com extension, so there's no filtering the emails by that method.

As best as I can tell each email contains completely random letters. My first comparison of some of my spam emails does not reveal any common groups of letters.

I'm sorry to be so harsh. I've enjoyed using your software for many years. It has been a great extension at a more than reasonable price. Perhaps I'm expecting too much for my money.

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28 Feb 2019 10:28 - 28 Feb 2019 10:28 #12 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Replied by Demis [Fox-Labs] on topic Email Span Suggestions
We have just renewed Fox Contact with a next-generation anti spam system.
If you can, I encourage you to update Fox Contact to the latest release (currently 3.9.5).

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