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Unable to save Action with full url for image

23 May 2020 20:08 #1 by Tim Myerson

In the Forum the post 'E-mail notification templates was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]' (Oct 2017) states that I should use the full URL if I chose to include an image (in this case a logo in the eMail sent to the submitter of a form).

So far so standard BUT, unfortunately, I am unable to persuade the action to save with the full URL:

<p><img src="https://searsfield.uk/images/logo.jpg" alt="logo" width="120" height="120" /></p>

in place as it keeps getting saved as the shortened version:

<p><img src="/images/logo.jpg" alt="logo" width="120" height="120" /></p>

How do I fix this please?


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