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Response page does not appear after submitting the form

07 Feb 2019 18:59 - 08 Feb 2019 10:14 #1 by Bernd Schubert
Dear Madam or Sir;

Please excuse my writing and expression, but I do not speak English and rely on Google Translate.

I have Fox Form 3.9.3 and I noticed a problem. I have several request forms on our website.

The following problem: The form has been filled in and sent out. Now a reply page should appear but the completed form will reappear and the user will feel that the form has not been sent. Also appears: "Error sending e-mail: Fail to deliver to: help@nachbarschaftshilfe-coswig.de, bernd_schubert@web.de"

What can I do to change that?

Link to the form: http://www.nachbarschaftshilfe-coswig.de/kontaktieren-sie-uns.html

Many thanks in advance

B. Schubert

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