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Automatic Reply Issue

20 Sep 2022 14:41 #1 by Phil Z
Automatic Reply Issue was created by Phil Z
We have 3 or more Fox forms running on our website. All are working fine. Recently we have been receiving extra Automatic reply emails from our submitted forms. When someone send a form to us it arrives correctly and we receive the information, but be also get a Automatic Reply extra blank email.

The forms have been working fine for years but now we have started to get these extra blank emails coming from our email address when anyone submits a contact form. It started out being in frequent but now it seems like we are getting more blank extra emails.

As far as we know we have not changed anything recently or modified any settings. Any ideas? Thank You

We are running PHP. 7.4.30
Fox contact: 3.9.8
Joomla: 3.9.25

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