Form doesn't send email and redirects to a different page

06 May 2013 13:36 - 04 Jun 2015 15:15 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]

Note: This article exists for its historical interests only. Recent versions of Fox Contact are not influenced by the matter discussed below.

When submitting a form, it doesn't send any email and redirects to a different page.

The form has the URL
Based on your actual component id or module id, after the submission the URL in the browser's bar should be but on the contrary it becomes

Additional details:
This problem happens when a 3rd party plugin adds a <base href> tag, on the <head> section of your pages.
When the <base href> tag is set to, relative links such as "#cid_100", which should be resolved in became which is a completely different page.

Kyle Haakenson, of SEO Web Design LLC reported that on GoDaddy shared hosting, this problem may happen even without any base href tag. He solved editing his Joomla .htaccess file as described here .

If you don't have a valid reason to set a specific <base href> value, leave it to its default. The experts recommend not to use the <base> URL tag . First of all, it is outdated. In addition, it is often an unpredictable weapon.

Artio JoomSEF
  1. Go to Artio JoomSEF Configuration.
  2. Ensure that "Enable Professional mode" is enabled. If disabled, enable it and save. A new section named "Advanced" should appear between the "Basic" and "Cache" sections.
  3. Open the "Advanced" section.
  4. Set the property "Set page base href value:" to whatever value other than "Yes - always use only base URL", which doesn't work. Working values are therefore "Yes - always use full SEO URL", "No - Leave original" and "No - Disable base href generation".

JoomAce AceSEF
In its default configuration, AceSEF sets a base href tag.

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