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27 Aug 2011 11:28 - 22 Apr 2015 10:59 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
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Publishing a contact page without showing a corresponding menu item in the main menu
  1. Go to "Menus" -> "Menu Manager" -> "Add New Menu". Call it "Hidden menu", or something similar
  2. Create a Fox Contact Page. Ensure it is published and set "Menu Location" property to "Hidden Menu"
  3. Don't create a "Menu Module" to show your new hidden Menu in your pages, so that this menu remains active, but not displayed anywhere.

How to reach your hidden Fox Contact page

The URL of the hidden contact page may depend on "SEO Settings" in Joomla "Global Configuration".
Use the following URL format if "Search Engine Friendly URLs" option is disabled, but consider that it should always work, regardless of your SEO Settings.

  1. The first part of the link "index.php?option=com_foxcontact&view=foxcontact" comes from the value in "menu item" > "Details" > "Link"
  2. The "Itemid" parameter is based on "ID" value

Note: If you think at changing the menu item id in future, the approach described above leads to broken links and will force you to manually update all your links with the new menu item id, therefore we strongly advice to use a link based on the menu item alias, as described below.

Once in frontend, if you see the message "Please provide a valid URL" probably you forgot to add the "&Itemid=..." parameter in the URL itself.
In this case, and if one or more published contact pages exist, a list of links follows from which you can safely copy the contact page URL.

Other working URLs depending on "SEO Settings" configuration
(Note that in the following examples "contact-us" came from the menu item's "Alias" property).

SEO SettingFox contact page URL
Search Engine Friendly URLs: Yeshttp://yoursite/index.php/contact-us
Use URL rewriting: Yeshttp://yoursite/contact-us
Adds Suffix to URL: Yeshttp://yoursite/contact-us.html
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