Change the color of the font

27 Nov 2013 22:57 - 08 Sep 2015 10:26 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Change the color of the font was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Properties like the color, the size and family of the fonts and the layout in general are controlled by stylesheets.

Fox Contact, as well as your Joomla template, come with their own stylesheets, but it's up to the web designer to turn a flat design into an actual site, which requires some css knowledge.

In the specific case of the font, remember that Fox Contact doesn't change anything related to the font.
Therefore, when the font color blends with the background and results hard to read, you should find the cause in the stylesheet of your template, which is actually using a font color which doesn't contrast enough with the background color.

If you are not familiar with at least one of the following: then you should consider to hire a web designer or take the time to learn css language .

Since css has an easy syntax, many people start coding stylesheet by examples, but this approach generates many doubts. On the contrary, reading a well written documentation would clarify the doubts before they emerge.

A good starting point is this great video tutorial by

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