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05 Mar 2015 12:22 - 05 Mar 2015 12:24 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Email validation was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Often forms don't include any additional contact fields beyond the email address, such as for example a telephone number.
If the user makes an error while typing his email address, there is no way to contact him, but what is worse, he is not conscious of having mis-typed his email address. From his point of view, his enquiry is being ignored.
Besides having lost an opportunity, we have also worsened our reputation.
So, what? Unfortunately we can't prevent the user from make typos, but at least we can help him to realize that he made a mistake.

Email validation vs verification
By doing a validation, Fox Contact tries to determine whether the address given is valid, while performing a verification, it tries to determine if the user gave the right address.

Formal validation
Fox Contact always checks the email address given using a regular expression to find out if the address is formally valid.

Advanced verification
Fox Contact can check for the actual existance of the domain part of the given email address.
The verification is performed "at the current time". Its outcome could change over time depending on the actual existence and on the ability to receive email of the given domain at that moment.
Some misconfigured web servers are unable to run DNS queries. In that case, the "Advanced email verification" feature can be disabled under "Components" → "Fox Contact". There press the "Options" button in the upper toolbar, then click on the tab "Troubleshoot".

Show the address entered in the "Thank you text"
The "Thank you text" supports special variables containing the value entered by the user in form fields; in this case, the variable {email} does the job.
The idea is to bring the actual email address typed, to the attention of the submitter itself (supposing that he read the "Thank you message").
This can be set in the form options, under "Events" → "Thank you text" as in the following example:
Your message has been received.
We will contact you in a few days at <strong>{email}<strong>.
Double check that this address is written correctly, or <strong>we will not be able to contact you</strong> in no way.

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