Conflicting / incompatible extensions

16 Jun 2011 12:54 - 29 Jan 2016 15:12 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Conflicting / incompatible extensions was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]
ZooTemplate templates

Captcha image and/or and the captcha reload button on the right side sometimes don't appear. It happens regardless the template current in use.

ZT Tools Plug-in is ruining the dynamic generated images needed by captcha system.

Go to Plug-in Manager, select "ZT Tools" and disable the option "Lazy Load".

JotCache 3 corrupts the page source. It has not been tested with newer releases.
In addition, consider that cache systems prevent whatever contact form from working.

Uninstall or disable JotCache, or exclude it on the page where a Contact Form is present.

RokBooster does not respect the original order of inclusion of the JavaScripts included in the page. That generates JavaScript errors, which prevents Fox Contact as well as any other extensions in the same page, from working as expected.

Change the compressor. The most of the other compressors work good. I've tested a lot of them, JCH Optimize, ScriptMerge, JBetolo, just to mention a few, and all of them work perfectly with Fox Contact.

WordPress Blog for Joomla

After pressing the "submit" button on a contact form, it does not send any notification message and the user is redirected to the home page.

"WordPress For Joomla" tampers with the content of the system variable $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
In return, it also introduces a new system variable $_SERVER["WP_REQUEST_URI"] containing the original value of $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]. However it is useless for us, since Joomla modules does not look for "WP_REQUEST_URI", but for "REQUEST_URI" instead.

Disable the "System - WordPress" plugin.

Monte Rosso Template by GLOBBERSTHEMES

Many form fields don't work

The template intentionally removes the JavaScript framework bundled with Joomla, and add its own versions (multiple instances of different versions of jQuery and Bootstrap) that conflicts with other third party extensions (Fox Contact is one of them).
Trying to fix the libraries inclusions may break modules bundled with the template itself.

Use a different template.

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