Manually uninstall with Removal Tool

16 May 2011 13:11 - 22 Oct 2017 16:01 #1 by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Manually uninstall with Removal Tool was created by Demis [Fox-Labs]
Under some circumstances, often due to install / uninstall / reinstall problems, Fox Contact may be inconsistent, and Joomla won't be able to uninstall completely this extension.
All subsequent installation attempts will fail with the message "Installation error".

It happens for example, when some files have been manually modified with FTP service and the web server no longer has write privileges over the files.
No problem until you decide to upgrade the component, but during the upgrade, the installation procedure fails, and Joomla will try to wipe out the extension related directories without any warning. Joomla considers this case as a "roll back" of a failed installation, leaving Fox Contact and the database under an inconsistent state.

The component menu doesn't exist, or errors are displayed while installing / uninstalling.

Download the "Removal Tool" attached to this topic and install it as it was a normal Joomla extension. It will clean your instance and make your system ready to a fresh installation.
There is no need to uninstall the Removal Tool itself, it actually does not install anything.

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