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Fox Contact has only one kind of installation package, which can be used for both installations and updates activities.

Download the most recent installation package
Fox Contact comes with 12 months of free updates and technical support included.
During the entire duration of your subscription you can download the most recent installation package through your personal download link, which is the URL you used the first time you downloaded the component.
If you have lost your personal download link, use our account recovery form .

Manual update

Note: It is not possible to upgrade to Fox Contact 3.5.0 from an earlier version. For further details, see section below.

To manually update, you can safely install new version without uninstall the old one.
Go to "Extensions" > "Extension manager". Select the installation zip package and click "Upload and Install" button, exactly as you did on the first installation.
Joomla will detect that the package is already installed, and it will handle your action as an update.
All your "Fox Contact menu items" and "Fox Contact modules", including their options will be maintained.
Nevertheless you are encouraged to do a backup or to take note of the options of your contact Forms in the eventuality you'll have to recreate them.

Customizations to css files
If you have modified one of the stylesheets bundled with Fox Contact, which are placed in the folder components/com_foxcontact/css, your modifications will be overwritten during the update process, exactly as described at the first line of the css itself:
/* If you edit this file, your modifications
will be overwritten during the next update.
Copy this stylesheet with a different name, edit it, and finally
select your own custom css in "Advanced Options" of your forms */
In other words, write your own css rules to a different stylesheet. Use the name you prefer, which doesn't collide with the default Fox Contact file names. This will prevent to be overwritten during the next update. Of course you have to select your own stylesheet in the form options, rather than leave the default one.

Uninstall and reinstall from scratch
If you decide to uninstall and reinstall the component, all of your "Fox Contact menu items" and "Fox Contact modules" will be deleted during the uninstall process and you have to recreate them once reinstalled.
In addition, all your custom stylesheets, user uploaded files and any other thing you have placed into the Fox Contact folder will be deleted by the Joomla uninstall procedure.

After the update
After the update, it's recommended to return in form configuration and take a look to all your settings.
In order to refresh the configuration in case new option have been introduced with the current version, do not forget to save your settings, even in case of no changes.

How to upgrade to Fox Contact 3.5 series
An attempt to direct upgrade from a version earlier than 3.5 will fail with the following error:

Fox Contact 3.5 is so awesome that it can't be upgraded from the version 3.4 currently installed.
Please uninstall Fox Contact 3.4 and proceed to a fresh installation of the version 3.5.
Take note of the configuration of your forms, because they will be wiped out during the uninstall process and you'll have to create them from scratch.

We confirm that this is the correct way to upgrade to Fox Contact 3.5, as an automatic conversion tool is not available.
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