Comparison with "Joomla standard contact form"

Don't waste your time with a "hard to configure" contact form.

This is the transcription of a real thread I read on the official Joomla forum.

Q: Hi, I was wondering how I would go about creating a contact us form page for Joomla 1.6? Is there a Joomla way of doing this? Thank you

A: Log into your site's back-end and bring up the Contact Manager (Components -> Contact). You could add a new Contact Category and within that category create new Contacts.

Q: So after I create a category contact what do I do from there?

A: Create a new menu item (say Contact Us), choose the type Single Contact and choose the appropriate contact id.

Q: After I create the contact and add it to a menu, how do I create the contact form?

A: What happens when you click on the Menu Item that brings the Contact Form? Have you selected the appropriate options in the Menu Item that you have created for the Contact Form? An explanation of what you are you trying to do and what is happening with what you have done so for would be of help. Just one line messages does not convey much.

Q: Hi, I appreciate the help, but I just went with a extension called fox contact. It seems to work pretty good so far. Thanks again.