Installs without a problem and then the surprise: You open the component as usual to set it up and get the message that there is no set up necessary.
Never installed such a useful component and module which are so easy to set up!
Patrick Désaunay
It's a surprisingly well planned extension, one of the most user friendly I've seen so nothing less than brilliant. Well done and thanks again.
Phil Wall

Seems I've kept waiting for more than 7 years, and finally it comes! I still remember the way Mambo and SMF won: Simplicity is power.
Derek Joe -

Mr. Fox, you sir are a LEGEND! Great component! Totally simple to install and easy to setup and use.

Brilliant, well-written software which is worth every penny so I'm delighted to donate and keep the project going!
Well done on producing a great Joomla extension. Thank you!

Thanks for making something that works and works well.
Michael H. Twigg – M.Ed.

Thanks for the excellent work you did with Fox Contact. Brilliant tool and much better than the other ones I've tested!
Holger Loddeke

I've tested on Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop and PC under FireFox, IE9, Duck a gogo, and android. It worked on all of them without any problems. To make it a bit more complicated the site I'm using it on, is in German and English. But again not the slightest bit of a problem. I am very happy with my purchase. This is amazing value for money.
Steve Stoessler

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