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TOPIC: Multiple Fox Contact Pages?

Multiple Fox Contact Pages? 19 Apr 2011 23:40 #181

  • Erik
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Is there a way to have multiple fox contact pages?

I would like one for support and another to request a service quote.

I created two menu items differently but they all point to the same one.

Thanks in Advance.

Multiple Fox Contact Pages? 20 Apr 2011 00:27 #182

  • Demis
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Two different menu items have to point to two different URLs.
If they point to the same URL, I think you have a third part SEO/SEF which is trying to remove duplicate URLs.

If you are using Artio JoomSEF follow this procedure:
Components->Artio JoomSEF->Manage Extensions.
In the group "Components without SEF Extension installed", select "Fox Contact Form".
In the "Common" tab, find the option "Ignore multiple sources", and set it to "No".

Let me know if it is correct.
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Multiple Fox Contact Pages? 20 Apr 2011 01:14 #183

  • Erik
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Well your quite the Genius my Italian friend.

Thanks for the help it's up and running...

Multiple Fox Contact Pages? 03 Jul 2012 18:30 #5792

  • adrien lafond
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hi Fox team,
and first well done for this smartest form ever in Joomla. really nice to play with.

I got a problem with 2 Fox Contact Pages, 1 being redirected to the other.

when I read this Multiple Fox Contact Pages, I thought I got my solution... but no :(

I use Ace Sef, and when i can see to different URLs for the 2 contacts pages :

1 candidature index.php?option=com_foxcontact&Itemid=540&view=foxcontact
2 contact index.php?option=com_foxcontact&Itemid=538&view=foxcontact

whatever I do (blocking SEF rewriting), the form #1 points towards form #2.

Ace Sef support doesnt respond, so I'm trying my luck here to solve the problem.


Multiple Fox Contact Pages? 03 Jul 2012 22:13 #5798

  • Demis
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Yes, it is nearly the same problem.
As described by Ace SEF documentation, you need a Fox Contact plugin designed for Ace SEF in order to display both instances.
Of course it still doesn't exist.
I'm going to write it and I'll notify you when ready.

Problems with ARTIO Joom SEF 05 May 2016 23:24 #17538

  • Daniela Nowak
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Hey guys,

I wanted to clear out Joom SEF Urls and so I deleted all of them and created them from the scratch.

The only problems now are the contact forms. They only work if I go to: Joom SEF - Manage Extensions - Components without SEF Extension installed - Fox Contact and disable SEF. But I need my old links back.

I also tried to create them but all 3 forms then go to the same one.

Could you help me please?

Many Thanks!

Problems with ARTIO Joom SEF 07 May 2016 16:21 #17556

  • Demis
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I'm sorry for the delayed reply.
Artio JoomSEF needs a custom configuration to work properly with Fox Contact. The procedure is described in this topic.
Please confirm whether it solves.