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TOPIC: How to write your own translation

How to write your own translation 30 Jul 2011 00:08 #1265

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You can easily translate Fox Contact in your language by extracting the installation package and editing the following 5 files.

Frontend side (the most important)

Admin side (the least important)

When done, set to 0 the following value
COM_FOXCONTACT_PARTIAL="1" ;1 means translation is partial, 0 means translation complete
this will prevent the system from bugging you with the warning message:
"[your language] translation is still incomplete. Please consider to contribute by writing and sharing your translation. Learn more."

After writing your own translation, please send it to me using this form or by email at demis(аt)fox.ra.it.
I'll be happy to include your files in the next release.

Language files guidelines
  • You can append your name to the string COM_FOXCONTACT_TRANSLATOR_NAME="Other people's names|Your name" and your website to the string COM_FOXCONTACT_TRANSLATOR_PERSONAL_URL="http://www.anothersite.com|http://www.yoursite.com/". In both cases use a pipe | as data separator.
  • Double quotes are not allowed inside string values. Use "_QQ_" to represent them. Use STRING_NAME="Let's "_QQ_"quote"_QQ_" something" to show the string Let's "quote" something.
  • Never use the escape \" for double quotes. It may work on PHP 5.3 but will break in PHP 5.2.4+.
  • Single quotes are allowed. Use STRING_NAME="Let's 'quote' something" to show the string Let's 'quote' something.
  • Text placed after a semi colon is a comment. ;This is a comment, you don't need to translate comments
  • Enable Debug System in Global configuration to see parsing errors per file and lines.
Fox Contact Form is available in almost 50 different languages.
Translations included in current version are:

af-ZA Afrikaans Diederik van der Eems
ar-AA Arabic Hany Samir, Ali Elshaikh
bg-BG Bulgarian Nick Kujumdjiev
bs-BA Bosnian Veldin Halilović
ca-ES Catalan Jordi Alcocer
cs-CZ Czech Alena Rejdakova, Jarda Ryska
da-DK Danish Maibrit Andersen, Brian Lyle Egebjerg
de-DE German Thomas Richter
el-GR Greek Rousis James, WebMaster StetSi
en-GB English Danielle Kinney
es-ES Spanish Oscar Orellana, Kevin Meza, Diego Hagopian, Juan Arturo González Astudillo Muñoz
et-EE Estonian Anonymous
fa-IR Persian Joomir, IntelliSYS, دلفی پلاس, Shentia
fi-FI Finnish Tuomas Roininen
fr-FR French Marti Mihàly, Jean-Yves Delapierre, Eva Goaoc
gl-ES Galician Abraham
he-IL Hebrew Shaul Eizikovich
hr-HR Croatian Mario Basic
hu-HU Hungarian Krisztián Botás, András Murányi
it-IT Italian Demis Palma
ja-JP Japanese Rococo
ka-GE Georgian Anonymous
lt-LT Lithuanian Anonymous
lv-LV Latvian Artūrs Zalužinskis
mk-MK Macedonian Горан Конески
ms-MY Malay Reynolds Chua Guan Teck
nb-NO Norwegian Bokmål Stein Aanensen, Robert Grygier
nn-NO Norwegian Nynorsk Lars B. Skipevåg
nl-NL Dutch Wim Vandekerckhove
nl-BE Flemish (Vlaams) Wim Vandekerckhove
pl-PL Polish Piotr Berger, Rafał Pyrk, Lukasz Szmigiel, Jan Michlik, Arkadiusz Tracz
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Marco Araujo, Daniel Vadora
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal) João Colucas, Jorge Caldeira, José Nogueira
ro-RO Romanian Daniel Necula, Alex Anghel
ru-RU Russian Александр Кабаленов, Олег Вячеславович Ехлаков, Samson Tumanyan
sk-SK Slovak Rastislav Kadlecek
sl-SI Slovenian Elvis Sedić
sq-AL Albanian Bledar Aga
sr-RS Serbian (Cyrillic) Slaven Sladoje
sr-YU Serbian (Latin) Stevan Stankovic
sv-SE Swedish JOKR Solutions
th-TH Thai Chungim
tr-TR Turkish Ersan YILDIRIM
uk-UA Ukrainian Yaroslav Shevchuk
ur-PK Urdu [Pakistan] M. Saqib Gulzar
vi-VN Vietnamese Biz Over
zh-CN Simplified Chinese Derek Joe
zh-TW Traditional Chinese Allen J
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