Fox Admin Tools for Webmasters, an integrated server administration tool for Joomla


Fox Admin Tools provides a few server management and audit tools via Joomla! backend.


Error Log

hijacks and handle php errors, warnings and other php messages. Very useful when hosting providers don't offer access to the web server error log and for beginners that don't know what the error log is or how to get access to it. Optional remote access to the log by activating the output on a plain text file.

Client IP address fix

When your website stands behind a reverse proxy it restores the original client ip address and makes it available to Joomla and all running extensions.


Fox Admin Tools is released under the GNU/GPL 3 license, which grants the freedom to share, copy, distribute and install this software unlimited times, on unlimited websites, and charge for it if you wish.
No further restrictions are being placed other than those imposed by the GPL license itself.

Bugs and feature requests

Please post on the support forum if you discover a bug, or if you have a feature request.

Keep in touch

The following contacts are suitable for those who want to be informed about Fox extensions. For general support requests, please post on the support forum.

Google plus: Fox Contact
LinkedIn: Demis Palma
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